Chanel's summer makeup collection, L'Été Papillon de Chanel, is a bit of a departure for the brand, which you may have deciphered from the dramatic eye makeup look pictured.

The colourful range, which was inspired by butterfly wings, consists of a selection of fluero-brights for the season ahead, with pops of aquatic green, electric blue, intense coral and zesty golden yellow.

Even if an intense eyemakup look isn't what you're going for, the individual products can be used in variety of ways to update your look with ease.

Within the range there are six new Stylo Eyeshadows, a waterproof eyeliner, five Inimitable Waterproof mascaras, three shades of lip gloss, two Coco Shines and, the stars of the whole lot, three new Les Vernis.

The new nail polish shades are Lilis (punchy coral), Azure (turquoise) and Bel-Argus (royal blue). The Azure and Bel-Argus are particularly stunning - with duo chrome formulations that make them shimmer in the light.

The fantastic Inimitable Waterproof mascara has been reimagined in new colourways for adding a splash of colour to the ends of lashes.

For a quick and easy eye makeup look, the Stylo Eyeshadows combine longlasting formulations, highly pigmented shades and ease of application. These creamy shadows come in six beautiful shades - my favourite of which is the Moon River, a taupe platinum that lights up the eye.

Lips take a bit of a backseat with very pretty shades of Rouge Coco Shine in peach and raspberry, with three lip glosses in sheer pink, mandarin and beige.

Makeup lovers will rejoice at this range - it's fun, playful and carefree and open to interpretation.

Take a look at some beautiful campaign imagery for the L'Été Papillon de Chanel collection below.