From coffee and cranberries to castor oil.. new survey reveals our favourite beauty secrets.

You don't have to splash out a fortune to look good these days. The contents of your kitchen cupboard could hold a wealth of products ideal for helping you look and feel great – according to a new survey by skincare brand Simple.

Unusual home remedies, such as rubbing coffee on thighs to combat cellulite and applying baking soda on teeth to make them whiter, are among the weird and wonderful beauty secrets employed by women. Other tricks of the trade include rinsing hair with raw eggs or beer to make it appear shiny and dabbing toothpaste on spots and insect bites to help heal them.

The research, which delved into the beauty regimes, habits and rituals of 2,000 women found one in ten would be prepared to try any bizarre tips if it made them look better. 10% said they were always a sucker for the latest beauty fad – sleeping in socks full of moisturiser and brushing talcum powder through hair are also common.

The extreme lengths to which women go to were revealed following a comprehensive study involving 2,000 women by skincare experts Simple. Women in the survey also said they would be prepared to shell out €90 on average for the latest, all singing and dancing wonder product.

A spokeswoman for Simple said: "This bizarre list of beauty tips and tricks just shows the lengths some women will go to look beautiful and how confusing some of these tips are. Women have a different approach to products and beauty tips, some like to adopt the latest innovations and others prefer to stick to what they know. We wanted to poll women to find out what alternative beauty treatments they use and what their approach is to the latest ‘must-have’ products."

More conventional remedies to stay looking youthful include drinking plenty of water, milk and cranberry juice, the survey found. Other unconventional remedies include rubbing strawberries on the face to minimize the appearance of freckles and adding sugar to soap to exfoliate. Wrinkle busting tips were listed as sleeping on your back to avoid lines on your face and investing in a silk pillow case.

When asked what the key to looking young was, three quarters of women said it was maintaining a healthy diet. Two thirds hailed drinking lots of water as the key to keeping youthful, but 57% said it was simply down to the genes you were born with. A third attributed it to a good daily beauty routine and religiously removing make-up. A dedicated 14% said they even go the lengths of eating particular foods in order to stay young with broccoli being the most popular, followed by oily fish.

1. Cucumber on eyes to freshen them up
2. Drink 2 liters of bottled water everyday
3. Toothpaste on spots
4. Tea bags on tired eyes
5. Brush talcum powder through hair to freshen it up
6. Sleep in socks filled with moisturiser for soft feet
7. Pinching cheeks to give a natural blush
8. Shave legs with hair conditioner
9. Lemon juice on highlighted hair
10. Drinking plenty of milk
11. Toothpaste on insect bites
12. Nail polish in fridge
13. Baking soda on teeth to make them whiter
14. Vaseline on eyebrows
15. Lipstick on cheeks when you run out of blusher
16. Final hair rinse in vinegar
17. Spray hairbrush with perfume
18. Fish pedicures
19. Cold teaspoons applied to eyes to reduce puffiness
20. Using honey as a face mask