Skin radiance is just a step away with Human+Kind all-in-one Body Oil, a fast absorbing blend of oils that nourish tired, dry and lacklustre skin delivering optimum hydration

No matter what time of the year it is, keeping body skin properly moisturised can be challenging. In winter, a lack of humidity and cold air causes skin on legs, arms and buttocks to dry out, while in summer, extra exposure to the sun takes its toll too causing skin to become dehydrated.

Crammed full of intensely nourishing, but lightweight, natural essential oils, minerals and vitamins, Human+Kind’s all-in-one Body Oil leaves skin looking instantly luminous and hydrated upon application.

Its remarkably weightless formula locks in vital moisture and absorbed rapidly to combat surface dehydration where it’s needed most. The stimulating and antioxidant powers of Human+Kind all-in-one Body Oil invigorate the skin, eliminating toxins with each and every application as well as strengthening and toning the skin’s connective tissue.
Human + Kind All-In-One Body Oil Price €14.95.