The Dermaroller has revolutionized the home beauty industry - despite looking like an instrument of medieval torture.

The needle-studded roller, reportedly loved by Angelina Jolie, works by puncturing the face with 0.5-1.5mm pins, causing it to bleed and stimulating the body's natural healing process. The idea is that this causes trauma to the outer layer and stimulates the repair process, boosting collagen production, which makes skin appear radiant .It has been dubbed the credit crunch laser and, although it sounds savage, it has become this year’s biggest beauty hit. But does it really work? And, more importantly – does it hurt? I tried one for myself...

What is it good for?
The Dermaroller can be used for a variety of conditions on the face and body, including: Lines and wrinkles, sun damage, stretch marks, acne scars, trauma or post-operative scarring.

The science behind it
The device is rolled over the treatment area, where it creates thousands of tiny pin pricks only 0.1mm wide into the dermis of the skin. These pin pricks are so tiny that they will close rapidly and the skin can recover quickly. In response to Dermaroller treatment, your body will naturally regenerate and repair the skin and the dermis below the surface in the treated area, forming new collagen and skin cells. The results are natural, healthy, fresh looking skin, which is smoother and brighter.

What was it like?
I bought my Dermaroller online at eBay, for less than 50 euro and once it arrived, I immediately set to work rolling it across my poor unsuspecting face. The sensation was hot and prickly rather than painful. It lasted a few minutes and left my face covered in thousands of tiny pin pricks. Although my complexion was quite ruddy looking the next day, it was nothing make-up wouldn’t cover.

During the next week my skin felt dry and started flaking. Two weeks later, having used the Dermaroller twice weekly, I noticed that my skin was plumped up and my acne scars had been dramatically reduced. So, do I look like Angelina Jolie?

Well, I’ll never have her lips or her husband BUT three weeks in and I am definitely one step closer to having her glowing complexion - my skin looks so much fresher and younger and my acne scarring is a thing of the past.

Dermarollers can be purchased through a variety of online sites including ebay and