Kiehl's beautiful, soothing Rose Artica face cream is already a winter-favourite of mine, so I was predicting I would love the new eye balm.

I wasn't wrong.

This new eye treatment has a rich, balmy texture which melts into the skin, and is infused with the same 'Resurrection Flower' from the original anti-ageing moisturiser. This rare ingredient is named for its ability to survive in nature for two years without water, coming back to life within hours of hydration.

The dropping temperature had taken its toll on my skin recently, so I've had to dig out my winter skin-savers to stave off dry patches. The Rose Artica face cream used in conjunction with the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate have been my go-to products, and this eye balm is the perfect product to round off my beauty routine.

It smoothes the delicate eye area, and feels really hydrating. This would particularly be suited for those looking to target fine lines and wrinkles.

Kiehl's Rose Arctica Ee Youth Regenerating Eye Balm, available from the Kiehl’s Boutique 35 Wicklow Street, Dundrum Town Centre and Arnotts, with a RRP €43.

Sarah McIntyre