There's no point dressing in the latest fashion trends if your hairstyle is just "so last season darling".

Here, three of Ireland’s leading hairstylists talk us through their favourite trends this season – with fantastic tips and advice on how to achieve the looks at home.

Hot Trend: The Ponytail

Tricia O Sullivan

The biggest trend on the catwalks this autumn is the ponytail. No longer just a “ponytail” you now have variations like the, Tumbled tail, Equestrian, Twisted and side but my favourite is the Tomboy. It is the perfect weekend hairstyle.

Here’s how:

Section off the hair, backcomb lightly and spray the roots for volume.

Take a side section (on both sides) at the temples, around 1 inch in thickness over the ear, and smooth these sections back to the nape of the neck and secure in place.

Side part the top section and using your tongs curl around the face. Break up the curls for a messy look.

Take the section, just over the ponytail, at the nape and backcomb for a lot of volume in this area. Do not backcomb the crown of the head this most remain flat.

Secure the pony in place, curl the ends, lightly backcomb for mess and spray to finish.


I love Liding Sculpting spray by Kemon, it’s a gel spray that doesn’t give any shine to the hair.

Backcombing brushes are now available in Penneys; it's always worth having the right tools.

For lasting volume use Osis 'Dust It' mattifying powder - a must for anyone who loves big hair.


Jenny Russell

Hot Trend: The Great Gatsby

With The Great Gatsby movie coming out, the latest looks are incredibly feminine and glamorous. Big, full, hair is a must, or short sleek hair. Victory rolls and waves are all hot. Hair is very out of the box but with movement height and fullness.

Here’s how:

Shampoo and condition hair using the highest quality products – I recommend the Sebastian range for the best results. Then add styling products, as they will be the base on which will hold your style. I use a Sebastian Potion no9 mixed with Mousse Forte to damp hair.

Set your hair with bendable roller or even your sleep in rollers, keeping your hair straight at the roots. Leave about an inch out from the roots - the longer the hair the further out you should place the roller. When dry, take out your rollers and brush with a large, soft brush.

Next, just spritz your hair with some hairspray. Then, with your fingers, start to separate the curls into your desired style. Finish off your look by smoothing down your center parting. The result? An instantly glamorous twenties inspired style.


My all-time favourite products that I just can’t do without are all from the Wella Sebastian professional range. They can all be purchased in any Wella professional hair salon.

 Lorraine Browne

HOT TREND: Vintage Glamour

For a while now, it’s been long mermaid flowing full locks but the trend for autumn/winter is neater and ladylike, with a retro influence. I love the vintage styles, twisted and pinned, as it’s a great look for winter. This girly style also looks wonderful when you pop in some hair accessories.


You can do this with semi-dry hair by adding in some smoothing product, oil or gel. Begin by centre parting your hair. Then, with tight tension on the hair, twist it back on itself, along the hair line right down to the nape.

Next, twist the ponytail ends to the very tips of the hair and secure with grips until dry, twisting the ends around to create a bun. Finish off by tidying any loose ends away with a little hairspray and smooth with a tail comb.

Simply let your hair dry into the shape you create – it’s so easy to do!


I am a big hairspray fan and PERFOMANCE hairspray from WELLA is my favourite is smells fresh and has great hold and completely brushes out of the hair.