Sleep In Rollers have been receiving rave reviews across blogs and websites, and these packs of pink squishy rollers have been flying off the shelves as a result.

So did they live up to expectations? Online Irish beauty site Cloud 10 Beauty sent me out a packet to try, and I can resolutely say I'm a convert to these easy-to-use rollers.

They whole gimmick of the rollers is that the inner part is made from soft sponge, so they flatten out when you lie down - leading to a comfortable sleep, so you can awaken with perfectly coiffed hair.

Do they work? Well, I've only taken a nap with a full head of rollers in, and I'm afraid to say I didn't find it all that comfortable. I never have slept with any sort of rollers in though, so it felt strange having them in my hair and not being able to lay my head on the pillow normally.

That said, I have been finding great use for these rollers on a weekly basis. They are best used on freshly washed and blow-dried hair, and are a doddle to apply, even for a rollers novice like myself. I start from the front of my hair and work down through the middle, pulling two inches sections of the hair and rolling them vertically from the ends to the roots. I then secure each roller with a kirby grip for extra hold, although they do stay in well without grips.

I blast my hair again with a hot blowdryer to apply some heat to the rollers, and then do my makeup and get dressed. The longer you leave these in the more effective they are, so I try and have them in at least an hour before I have to leave the house.

The result is hair with loads of volume and movement - I have an above-the-shoulder bob so I don't find these give my hair any curl - but it gives my hair a polished, blowdried look that I could never achieve with a hairdryer.

Sleep In Rollers, €20.45 here at Cloud 10 Beauty.

Sarah McIntyre