Miss Ireland Rebecca Maguire shares her beauty secrets with us.

Rebecca Maguire, age 20, is from Belfast, Northern Ireland. She is studying Pharmacy at Queens University in Belfast and is the reigning Miss Ireland. Georgina Heffernan caught up her to find out her beauty secrets...

What’s your everyday skincare regime?
I have a very basic skincare regime, I just make sure to moisturize everyday. I love Clarrins body shaping cream.

What’s the secret weapon in your bathroom cabinet?
I love to use St. Tropez body moisturizer. I apply every other day to give a lovely glow. I think people look better with a bit of a glow! And no sun damage included!

What is your make-up must-have?
Elizabeth Arden Foundation in Number 7 Toasty Beige.

What’s your ultimate tried-and-tested tip for clear, glowing skin?
Very obvious, but drink a lot of water and always take your make up off before bed!

What make-up tips have you learned as a model?
I'm very lucky to have Make Up Forever in Dublin as a sponsor, who do my make up for all events and have given me lessons for Miss World. I have learned so much, and I would highly recommend a short course there if you want to learn the tricks of the trade.

Be honest - is your beauty bag full of pricey products?
I'd say I have a range of products - from the bargain buy items to expensive things. To be honest some of the cheaper products are my favourite though. Most of my make up now is provided by Make Up forever Dublin which is reasonably priced and great quality.

What’s your best bargain buy?
Penny's, or Primark as it's called in Belfast, sell false eyelashes for a quid! I don't think you can get a better bargain than that.

What’s your best money-saving beauty tip?
Invest in a set of Sleep In Rollers and save yourself going to the hair dressers all the time for a curly blow dry on nights out

Is it just genetics - or do you have to watch your weight to maintain your fabulous figure?
I must admit I do go to the gym regularly about 3-4 times a week and have a personal trainer at the minute to prepare me for Miss World.

Do you have any favourite hair-care products?
I have extensions by Great Lengths so I use all of their products to keep my hair in top shape!

What’s the best beauty advice you learned from your mother?
From about the age of 10 or so my mummy had me 'trained' let’s say to apply fake tan on her back for going out on nights out - so maybe the best advice was 'don't make it streaky' ha-ha!

What is your favourite perfume?
It's quite old school, but I love Chanel No.5.

What’s your ambition?
To be successful in Miss World and to then go on and achieve a 1st in my pharmacy degree.

Finally, what does it mean to you to be crowned Miss Ireland and are you excited about representing this country in the finals?
I am thrilled to be representing Ireland at Miss World, and hope I can make everyone proud especially my family and friends. Competing in Miss World has been a dream for me for some time, so it means the world to me.

All photos by Evan Doherty