Here, Jazmine reveals her beauty regime, her must have's, and a few sneaky tips.

One beauty product you couldn't live without...
I swear by Simple face wipes, I use them every day to take off my makeup. I hate it if I forget and go to bed with make up on.

An unusual beauty secret you can let us in on...
My unusual beauty secret would have to be good old soap and water, it definitely does the trick! Now and again I do cover my face in Sudocrem if it's feeling a bit dry.

What 3 things would you take to a desert island?
My kindle with an endless supply of books, my bed to sleep at night and sunbathe in the day and maybe a mate so I don't get bored - is that allowed??

If I had to choose three beauty products...
Suncream so I don't burn, Simple wipes so I can freshen up and deodorant for when I get hot and smelly sunbathing.

How do you achieve your going out look?
Achieving it depends on where I'm going, if it's just shopping, cinema etc. I usually just give my hair a quick blow dry and whack on a bit of foundation, mascara and eyeliner and I'm ready. But going on a night out is usually big curly hair and LOTS of mascara!

How long does it take you to get ready for a night out?
I try and give myself two hours to get ready for a night out, which includes a shower etc.

What process is involved in achieving an awards look? Do you enjoy the pressure of getting all glammed up?
Every beauty treatment on planet earth is involved in achieving an awards look, I do enjoy getting ready and being pampered, but I do get stressed with the timing and knowing if you're going to end up looking like you meant to.

Favourite body part?
My favourite body part is probably my eyelashes; I love the look you get when you apply mascara!

Fake Tan or pale and interesting?
I am far from an English rose so it’s fake tan all the way baby!