Achieve flawless skin that glows with health and radiance this summer by following these skincare tips for face & body from beauty therapist Melissa Carter.

Out with the old and in with the new. You're aiming for your skin to look good enough that you can wear no foundation or simply a tinted moisturiser with SPF on summer days. The two biggest challenges most women face with their skin are blemishes and fine lines. A gentle Microdermabrasion treatment will tackle both concerns. It will deep cleanse pores, reduce blemishes or marks as well as refining fine lines or wrinkles. I recommend using Dermalogica's Gentle Cream Exfoliant (€43.18) during the summer months as it dissolves congestion very well; has anti-ageing benefits while being perfectly gentle on sensitive Irish skins.

Repair and protect. For skin to really radiate you want to brighten it with antioxidants like Vitamin C. There are plenty of Vitamin C serums on the market at different price points so just ask in your local pharmacy or beauty salon. I personally adore Dr. Murad's Vitamin C range. Vitamin C brightens and helps to repair tired, dull or pigmented skin. It's absolutely crucial to wear a minimum SPF 15 everyday on your face as UV rays cause unwanted fine lines and pigmentation. Smoking actually depletes Vitamin C so ask your pharmacist about taking a vitamin c supplement if you do smoke but remember there's nothing worse for your skin than sun and smoking!

Illuminate and fake that glow. A skin highlighter such as St. Tropez Violet Skin Illuminator (€14.18) applied across cheekbones and down the centre of your nose will give your skin a healthy luminous look without looking shiny all over.
Apply a touch of bronzer with a shimmer in it across your collar bone, the tops of your shoulders and a smidgen on your cleavage to create a natural sun-kissed look.

Smooth lumps and bumps. Many of us are conscious of those little white bumps on the backs of our arms. They're caused by plugs of keratin (protein) building up in our pores. The only way to treat them is to try to break them down and dissolve them. Scrubbing at them can make them red and more noticeable so I recommend Neo Strata's Glycolic Body Wash (€22) which is very good at 'un-plugging' the bumps. It can take a month or two to really see results so start now!

Perfect pins. I can't recommend dry body brushing enough for getting rid of dry skin on shins and boosting circulation to areas prone to cellulite like thighs, bum and hips. Try using a body oil like our own Carter Beauty Coconut & Lime Oil (€15.00) after your shower to moisturise quickly. You apply a tablespoon of the oil to wet skin straight out of the shower and then dry yourself. It really is the best way to get in the habit of moisturising your body and smells good enough to eat.

Baby soft feet. Keeping heels free from dry, cracked skin does take a bit of work and if I'm honest, there's nothing like a trip to the professionals for a good pedicure to get you ready for flip flops or sandals. A pedicure should tackle the build up of hard skin and also sort out your cuticles.

Once the hard work has been done for you, you will hopefully be able to keep your feet looking great by using a pumice daily in the shower or using an at-home pedicure device like the Emjoi MICRO Pedi and then applying a moisturiser. I'm a big fan of the Scholl range which is available in most pharmacies.

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