Check out our top stylish figure fixers that will help you look slimmer in an instant.

Clothes can make you glam, make you sexy and make you feel more confident. But, most important of all, if you're carrying a few surplus pounds, they can make you look thinner.

By carefully selecting your garments and following some simple fashion rules, it is possible to dress yourself a few sizes slimmer. From hemlines to necklines, colours and cuts, you can learn how to minimise your figure by being savvy with your wardrobe.
No matter what size you are, the key to finding flattering clothes is in the fabric and the cut.

Some of the best ways to dress thinner include wearing flattering fabrics, choosing the perfect fit in both clothing and lingerie, keeping the silhouette simple, dressing in monochrome and highlighting your smaller areas.

Want to look slim in seconds? Here are a few guidelines:

1. DROP-WAIST tops are a godsend when you are trying to disguise a thick waist or bulges around your middle.

2. KIMONO-STYLE sleeves will cover up the tops of arms that haven't seen a gym for months and are straying dangerously into bingo-wing territory.

3. PINSTRIPED trousers are a brilliant way of making your legs look longer. The vertical lines cleverly create a lengthening and slimming effect.

4. NUDE STILETTOS fashion experts believe they have found the fool proof formula to make women appear a dress size slimmer: a pair of nude high heels. The flattering effect of these heels is, of course, no secret - and celebrities from Kate Middleton to Victoria Beckham are huge fans of this look.

5. FLAUNT YOUR FIGURE slipping into a tight pencil skirt and blouse, especially one that pulls in under the bust, will emphasise your curves without adding any bulk.

6. NIP IN YOUR WAIST pull a loose-fitting dress in at the waist and team it with a great pair of heels to appear much thinner than you actually are.

7. WEAR THE RIGHT UNDERWEAR thongs and G-strings are all well and good if you have no fat on your body but if you want to give the illusion of a skinny figure, go for supportive styles which help pull in the tummy, thighs and bum. Also, invest in a well-fitting bra that helps create a slimmer figure.

8. GO MONOCHROME monochromatic dressing (one colour from head to toe) makes anyone look taller and slimmer. Tone-on-tone colouring is a key trend on the runways and is a style that makes anyone leaner.

9. FLATTEN YOUR TUMMY avoid hipster waistbands as this will only make your flabby tum look worse. Choose skirts or trousers with waistbands that will hold you in, nothing too tight.

10. CHOOSE THE RIGHT SHADE the majority of women know dark colours are more slimming than light. Black is one of the most slimming colours, but you can always try navy, chocolate and charcoal grey.

Georgina Heffernan