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Mar 11, 2012

Maternity Wear Blog – Breastfeeding Clobber

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Maternity Blog – week 3

The turquoise cami from Boob, - how cute is that wee dote?

Turquoise cami from Boob, How cute is that baba?

We’ve covered foundation garments and dressing your bump for special events (see below to read either of those blogs if you missed them) and this week its breastfeeding clothing. One of the first things I learnt the hard way regarding dressing whilst pregnant or breastfeeding, is don’t give up on your own style.

Just as dressing ‘bigger’ doesn’t do you any favours whilst pregnant, the same goes for breastfeeding. While looser fitting tops may be great for ease of access, they do nothing for you the rest of the time and let’s face it after nine (or ten when you consider its 40 weeks) months of maternity wear and a bump, it’s nice to begin to slowly get back your old shape and to show it off.

However just like in maternity wear, the only people who look as good as the models do in the breastfeeding ads are the models so do factor in your larger bosom when choosing breastfeeding wear. Ideally try things on or if buying online, ensure that they have a flexible returns policy.

Organic nursing t-shirt dresses from Boob -

Just as good bras are essential in maternity, great nursing bras are essential throughout your breastfeeding period. Take time to visit your local lingerie shop/store and get measured, this will save your back, boobs and pocket in the long run. Once you know your size, there are some pretty, colourful nursing bras in shops and online so don’t feel limited to the white-soon-to-be-grey options – get googling. Bravissimo ( ) is a good place to start and Bra Stop ( ) . Nursing mums are recommended to wear sleeping bras, a loser, more comfortable fit than day bras and the highstreet has cheaper options with Mothercare, M&S, Dunnes, Mamas and Papas and Next all offering varieties on the theme.

As for tops, depending on the time of the year, there is a wide variety on offer from woolly jumpers to dresses and t-shirts and camis. If you’re planning on having more children, then invest in better quality numbers that will keep their shape over time. I found the Boob range to be brilliant and over the course of a couple of pregnancies have collected a couple of cami’s, t-shirts and hoodies which still look great. Once Born ( ) have a great range of their products which I love the range.

Boob best-selling nursing T-shirt -

Dress wise, one of the best things that I bought was a black Magic Maxi from Babes with Babies ( ). I wore it time and time again and it will be my breastfeeding best friend come the summer. Talking of which, if your back is acting up, why not ask a couple of friends or family to chip in for a My Breast Friend feeding pillow. It straps around your back, letting your baby lie across the pillow in front, preventing any strain on your back or neck. Or even better borrow one, at about €70 a pop, it makes sense. I would have been lost without it, especially in the early days and again as baby grows and gets that little bit heavier.

For breastfeeding whilst out and about, most of the clothing mentioned above means that you don’t need a cover but on the odd occasion that you’re wearing the least nursing friendly outfit possible, a breastfeeding cover is great to have in the baby bag. Keep it Irish and opt for one by Buní Bainne ( ) and Bebe au Lait also have a great range (in stores such as ) Prices vary so shop around or if you’re nifty with a sowing machine, have a look at the ones on offer and make up your own.

As always, if you’ve any tips to share, please drop us a line below.

Taragh Loughrey-Grant


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