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Feb 16, 2012

Walk This Way….

from: RTE Fashion Blog

I am a firm believer in buying  properly  fitted  shoes for my little ones but am I alone in thinking shoe manufacturers are taking the proverbial when it comes to price?

A recent trip to the shoe shop and three tiny pairs of shoes later and I’m €150 worse off ( I’m still getting over the shock of the €60 trainers for a six year-old!) and as foot experts suggest measuring children’s feet roughly every three months, someone somewhere is making a hefty profit!

As I have one child with a very narrow feet and another with a high instep I find it difficult to find high street shoes that fit properly.

In saying that correctly fitting shoes are not only comfortable for children to wear, but also ensure their feet aren’t caused any damage by unwanted rubbing or other problems.

When shopping for kids shoes the most important factor is that they fit. Preferably, this means that shoes are fitted by someone who has had some special training.

Try your local independent shoe store. I find they have more time to spend making sure you get the correct shoe for your little’un. They also stock a variety of different brands. You’ll often find even if you get the correct size but different styles can be too wide, too narrow or too long.

Having said that if you have a six-year-old with a shoe obsession to rival Imela Marcos then they’re are some fab high street styles available at fab prices too!

If your buying off the peg here a few tips to help you choose correctly.

* For a shoe to be fitted correctly, there should be a thumb width between the end of the shoe and the end of the longest toe.

*  When looking at the bottom of the shoe, it should be relatively straight – the foot is straight, so the shoe should be straight.

* Leather and canvas are a better material – they are more durable and can breathe.

I’ve found some quality shoes in both Dunnes and Penneys  recently at great prices – by the time they grow out of them they’ll owe you nothing not like the €60 trainers which  owe me a lot!

If you have any thoughts or suggestions to share with the nation then please do comment we would love to hear from you.

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