Cheat your way to a slimmer figure with styling tricks that will help you 'lose' pounds instantly. Georgina Heffernan reveals how to master the art of illusion dressing

Q. I’ve recently had a beautiful baby girl, the thing is, I have my school reunion coming up soon and I don’t have a clue what to wear. Obviously, I want to look my best but I still have bit of a tummy? Any advice?

A. Girls, we all have "fat days" - I suppose it's part of being a woman. Over indulging, monthly changes and, of course, pregnancy can all affect the way we feel, but don't despair, read on to learn some hot tips on dressing to look your best in the stomach department. All you need to know is what types of clothes to wear and what to avoid when it comes to dressing chic and feminine.

Tops with V necks and those which puff up around the breasts will help in drawing more attention to the bust line and they will help to downplay the abdominal region. Avoid fitted or tailored pieces, especially those with a waistband that is very clear for all to see, as this will draw attention to your middle; instead look for trousers and skirts that are straight. If your legs are slender, play them up by wearing slim cigarette pants, which you can team with a funky top. The top should flair out slightly to help disguise your stomach but do try to keep the silhouette slick – as anything too baggy will only make you look bigger.

For your school reunion, a dress with a flattering empire line is always a good choice. Whilst hemlines may vary and in-vogue colours may change, a classically draped empire line dress in will transcend seasons and flatter your figure. If you dare to wear a short cocktail dress - do remember to add a pair of high heels.
Short skirts are not only sexy, but they will take attention away from your mid-section and instead draw interest to those slim thighs. Team with a pair of Spanx (support pants, all the red carpet celebs wear them) to help add curves to your figure and pull in that awkward belly. Problem solved!