Learn to love yourself and play to your strengths. Showing off your best assets is sure to make you look slimmer and feel fabulous says Georgina Heffernan.

Q. My New Year's resolution was to lose weight and flatten my tum, but are there any miracle clothes that'll do it in an instant? Any advice on ways I can dress to look slimmer in the meantime?

A. Don't panic if your New Year diet resolve has already faltered. The stick insect look is so 2012. This year, aim for a natural body shape and dress yourself slimmer instead, curvy girls are making a comeback. For many years the skinny supermodels ruled the roost, but now stars such as Scarlet Johansson, Beyoncé, Christina Hendricks and Kim Kardashian are the new style icons.
Studies into the link between body shape and attractiveness show, hardly surprisingly, that for men a shapely figure is a far bigger turn-on than a skinny one so please don’t beat yourself up if you‘ve put on a few pounds. Just accept your new body shape, learn to adore it, and dress in a way that makes the most of your figure.

Thongs and G-strings are all well and good if you are naturally thin but if you want to give the illusion of a slimmer figure, go for supportive styles which help pull in the tummy, thighs and bum. Also, remember to invest in a well-fitting bra that helps create a slimmer figure.

A great way to distract from your belly is to boost your cleavage, so they are the main focus of attention - invest in a great padded or push-up bra. An empire-line dress is perfect for supporting and boosting your chest.

To flatten your tum in a jiffy you need to avoid hipster waistbands as this will only make your flabby tum look worse. Choose skirts or trousers with waistbands that will hold you in, nothing too tight.  Sneaky tailoring may hold you in, but clingy Lycra won't. Trousers, skirts and tops should all just graze the crest of your tummy.

Keep this in mind and look for styles that flow - rather than cling. Opt for flattering empire line dresses or smock tops as these are the perfect shape to disguise a large tummy. Finish your look with a heel, for that extra dash of glamour.