Step into the spotlight in this winter's must-have footwear.

Q. I would like to buy a new pair of winter boots but I’m not quite sure what style to choose. What looks are in this season?

A. By now you should have already purchased, or at least picked, your perfect winter coat, so it's time to turn your attention to the winter boot! The winter boot is an essential buy each year and one that should be thought out and planned to suit your wardrobe, and also be practical.

The last thing you need is to splash the cash on an expensive pair of boots only to find that you can't walk in them for more than an hour or that as soon as it gets a little icy your brand new boots don't like to keep you on the ground - but instead up in the air.
If you haven't bought your seasonal pair yet, it's time to hot foot it to the shops. If you're looking for something comfortable to wear every day or a high heel for a night out, check out our high street selection.

LACE-UP BOOTS: Lace-up boots can be sexy and high-heeled or flat and practical. Either style will go with everything in your wardrobe.

Printed Lace-Up Platform Boot €39 Internacionale

STILETTOS: From Victoria Beckham tottering around in sky-high Louboutins, to Rihanna attempting to negotiate stairs in 6in platform ankle-boots, no celebrity has been without a pair of sky scraping heels and there‘s a good reason for this, stilettos are the most flattering shoe of them all.

Spiked stilletto boot €56 The Vestry

SLOUCHY: Whether you go for low or high heels, these 80s boots will look fab over leggings or drainpipes.

THE SHOE BOOT: To qualify as a shoe-boot, it must end well below ankle-sock level, the top must be higher at the back than the front and it should trace a line under the anklebone. The heel should be as high as you can manage. These shoes mean business. Under trousers, the shoe-boot gives you all the benefits of a heeled boot without the drawbacks. You'll be taller but have no bulge in the shin area.

THE BIKER BOOT: .A biker boot should be leather, though suede does make a good alternative, and adorned with a chunky strap which fastens at the ankle or, on some styles, below the knee. Steer clear of boots that are too shiny or too dainty, this is not a lady-like look. An ankle-length pair will look great with thick tights and a sloppy sweater dress or worn over a pair of jeans.

Black biker boots with studs, €22 Penneys

BRIGHT: An easy way to inject a bit of colour and instant glamour into your outfit - and your life.

Bright pink 90s lace-up boot €20 Penneys

ANKLE BOOTS: There's plenty of variation when it comes to ankle boots. The very high-heeled versions look better with shorter hemlines and slimmer legs. The more chunky-heeled wedge styles work well with jeans. And three-quarter length boots should be kept for outfits with tights - and never with your trousers tucked in.

Black tassle zip ankle boot, €20 Penneys

TALL BOOTS: Casual or dressy, flat or heeled, a pair of tall boots is one of the most versatile footwear items you can have in your wardrobe. While many boot styles will work with the outfits I've listed below, simple, classic styles are far more flexible simple black knee-high boot will work with those jeans, as well as just about everything else in your closet. A skirt that is long enough to cover the top of your boots is one of the most flattering items you can pair with tall boots.

Thigh boot, €500 Chelsea Boot Hobbs

Pied A Terre Phipps boot €300

Bertie Spica knee high boot €210

Georgina Heffernan