Find out what's the best bikini bust booster this summer.

Q. I’m going on holiday with a group of my best friends and although I’m really looking forward to the break - I’m not looking forward to wearing a bikini as I’m very flat chested. Any solutions?

A. With holiday season looming, it's time to turn our attention to that essential summer accessory - the bikini. But for those of us left wanting in the cleavage department, the issue of how to look good in this most revealing of outfits is one that won't go away.

Until now, that is. With the arrival of the gel-filled bikini top, women wanting a more generous cleavage have never before had such a choice of swimwear. And for those looking to turn heads on the beach without help from the surgeon's knife, it could be the perfect answer.

The 'boob-job bikini' has arrived in stores just in time for the holiday season and it has a gel-booster to give the wearer breast uplift on a par with a push-up bra. It gives small-chested women a curvy shape, and the better endowed good firm support.

As we gear up for warmer temperatures, many stores such as Debenhams have brought their own versions of the look. The highstreet store claims its new range of bikinis will provide women with a beautiful natural looking bust in a jiffy.

The Ultimate collection includes three sizes - Natural, Mega and Extreme - which can give the wearer anything from a 'subtle upward lift' to a boost by two cup sizes.

According to the department store, over 90 percent of women admit to varying their swimwear choice based on who they are holidaying with – minimising or maximising their assets accordingly, be it family, friends or partners. Sales were up 375 percent, last week, with the majority of customers buying all three styles of bikini top.

So what are you waiting for?

The range is available at branches of Debenhams nationwide. Prices range from €20 to €30. Problem solved.