British Olypmic track cyclist Victoria Pendleton shares her top hiar care tips.

British Olypmic track cyclist Victoria Pendleton shares her top hiar care tips.

What is your greatest hair challenge?

Training every day means my hair means my hair is prone to a lot of frizz so I need a hair care regime that helps combat frizz throughout the day.

What does your hair need most?

Moisture....definitely! My hair is prone to frizz to I need hydration to keep it smooth and sleek.

How important to you is having healthy looking hair?

Having healthy hair is really important to me and i always like to look and feel good on and off the bike. Pantene Smooth & Sleek range helps give me gorgeously healthy looking hair every day.

How often a week do you wash your hair?

Training with a helmet on every day means I wash my hair most days. I love to leave in a hydrating smoothing product after washing, to help combat frizz - I’d recommend the new Pantene Smooth & Sleek 24h Frizz Fighter, it’s really light and smells gorgeous.

You’re an athlete and spend a lot of time outdoors do the conditions affect your hair?

My hair is affected by the seasons, definitely - heat and humidity in the summer affects my hair just as much as the cold winds and rains do in winter. Frizz is always an issue! That’s why the new Smooth & Sleek range is perfect for me all year round.

What do you do to protect your hair, aside from wearing a helmet?!

I treat it to a nourishing mask once a week, and then I try to use a ‘leave in’ product that hydrates and fights frizz. I‘m loving the new Pantene Smooth & Sleek 24h Frizz Fighter.

What elements do you find most damaging to your hair- sun, wind, cold etc?

All the elements affect my hair in different ways- the cold really beats the moisture out of it, where as the humid temperatures really notch up the frizz levels!

What hair products do you swear by?

Working with Pantene has reminded me of just how effective and amazing their products are - I especially love their new Smooth & Sleek 24h Frizz Fighter, and also the mousse in the range - both products help to really deliver a smooth and moisturised finish.

What would be your best hair care tip?

My best hair care tip would be: choose a hair care range that is right for your hair structure. Working with Pantene has made me realise the importance of this, and it really does make a difference. I have quite thick hair, so I use the Smooth & Sleek range.

What is your favourite hair look?

I always think a timeless elegant look is a really smooth, sleek blow dry. This is so much easier to achieve at home if you use styling products, Pantene’s Smooth & Sleek hairspray and mousse are my go-to products to achieve this look at home.