Streaming FAQs

What software do I require to access the service?
To access audio and video content on RTÉ.ie, you will need a piece of software on your computer called Real Player.

The free version of the Real Player can be downloaded from the RealNetworks site. Download Real Player here.

Live video content is also available as a Windows Media stream. Download Windows Media player here.

Both Real PLayer and Windows Media may have specific computer hardware requirements. More information can be found at the above Real Player and Windows Media links.

Why does the quality of the pictures I receive depend on the type of connection I have to the Internet?
There are a number of ways of accessing the Internet. Conventional dial-up uses a standard telephone connection. However, broadband connections, such as cable or ADSL, have greater capacity than standard telephone lines.

A broadband connection means you can receive far more information on your computer in the same time as a conventional dial-up connection. Broadband connections allow you to view video on the web at a higher quality than via dial-up connections.

Live video content can only be viewed over broadband.

Why is the availability of the service restricted in some cases?
For copyright reasons, in agreement with the associated rights-holder bodies, RTÉ.ie streaming content on the web in some cases can only be accessed from certain territories. Unfortunately users outside these territories will be unable to access this content.

How is access restricted?
Where access is restricted, the mechanism for doing so is based on the computer's IP address. An IP address is the numerical address that each computer has on the web. It is provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). An ISP is the company that provides Internet connections to private and business customers. Examples of ISPs are Eircom, BT, Smart Telecom, UTV, NTL and Irish Broadband.

I'm in the relevant territory and I can't access the service. Why?
If you are in the relevant territory but cannot access the content, please contact your ISP directly and advise them of your problem. Your ISP will then make contact with RTÉ.ie.

ISPs can contact RTÉ at The ISP must include their AS number with any correspondence.

Why don't I contact RTÉ.ie directly rather than my ISP if I'm having problems accessing the service?
The authenticity of each new applicant needs to be checked before access can be enabled. Whether you should be receiving the service will be determined by the location of your IP address. Your ISP will have a record of your IP address and its location.

RTÉ.ie can only accept an application from your ISP to have your IP address included for the service.

Therefore, in order to save time, you should begin by contacting your ISP first by either emailing or phoning them.

Why can't I access the service from the office?
If you are using the Internet at work, your connection to the web may be on a network that operates behind a firewall. A firewall is the security system that shields your office network from outside users on the Internet.

In this case, you should contact your system administrator to check whether video streaming is permitted on your company network.