Yvonne is in for another tough week in Carrigstown but she finds an unlikely friend in Carol.

Bela and Yvonne clash as he doesn't understand why she is so withdrawn and upset – he tells her to make other plans for Christmas as he doesn't want to be around her. Carol on the other hand knows that something is up so she is persistent and doesn't give up until Yvonne talks to her.

Carol is there for Yvonne and gives her advice on how to proceed but will the advice fall on deaf ears?

Paul and Niamh grow anxious as Jane settles in to the neighbourhood and is no longer on trial in McCoy's, but a full member of staff. Paul is unsettled so confronts Jane about what she's doing getting comfortable in their hometown, she challenges him by saying that he doesn't want her around because he doesn't think he can control himself.

Niamh and Paul may want to get rid of Jane but she has other ideas and she drives a wedge between the couple when she lets it slip to Paul that Niamh helped her get the rent deposit together.

Damien tries to take Laura's mind off the impending needle stick results; she didn't want to burden him with worry but admits to him that she is terrified. As she starts to analyse her life she becomes very downbeat realising that she has no one to look after her if she was to become very ill but after a conversation with Ama she realises that she has other options.

Elsewhere Orla jokes with Wayne and suggests that they don't buy each other Christmas presents but when he agrees she is taken aback. Bela reassures her that no man would be stupid enough to not buy their girlfriend a present but she knows what Wayne's like so is feeling hopeless.

A drunken photo of Rachel is doing the rounds of her classmates and she feels bullied and embarrassed. When Yvonne sees the picture she projects her own problems onto her niece and tells her that if she's going to act that way, she needs to be prepared for the consequences. Orla comforts Rachel and gives out to Yvonne for speaking to her that way. Orla promises not to tell Paul or Niamh about the picture.

Meanwhile, Laura and Caoimhe hit the town so when Caoimhe wakes up in the Halpins' sitting room, and is spotted leaving the house by Ama, Ama is left upset and feeling awkward as she assumes Caoimhe has slept with Damien. Damien, unawares that Caoimhe even stayed in his house the night before, is confused by Ama's coldness towards him.