The spotlight is on Paddy this week and his family start to rally around him just before he's arrested on suspicion of murder.

Vivienne is disgusted when the guards show up with a search warrant – don't you always feel for her, continually caught in the middle of the mayhem?

However once in custody, Paddy manages to somehow turn the tables on DI McCabe, much to Vivienne's relief… but not for long.

Paddy worms his way out of the noose while placing it firmly around Zumo's neck. When the police search his van, they find evidence that links the van's owner in other words, Zumo to the murder. Vivienne confronts Paddy, pleading for his help however he not only leaves her high and dry but makes matters much worse.

Elsewhere Ama is reeling from Damien's betrayal and asks Jo if she can stay with her, convinced that there is no way to salvage their relationship. Later on, she confronts Caoimhe, who desperately tries to convince her that she has nothing to fear and that there is nothing going on between herself and Damien. However their chat soon escalates into a big argument with the result that one of them vows to leave Carrigstown for good.

Also this week, Jo and Dermot worry about Zoe's future and they struggle through the fostering interview; Orla is cornered into giving a room to Wayne and Maeve and when Shannon returns, Leo finally realizes that he has some serious decisions to make.