This week in the Dales Brenda finds the Dictaphone whilst going through some of Gennie’s belongings and after pressing play, she learns of Debbie and Cameron’s affair. Unable to listen to anymore, she presses stop and later returns the Dictaphone to a guilty Debbie who is freaked at what Brenda may know. But soon Debbie is making a shocking discovery all of her own...

Debbie is in a spin as she thinks what to do next. She tells Cameron she has to pick the kids up and is relieved to get away from him. Debbie is frantic as she arrives at Butler’s farm and horrified to realise Adam has been set up for Alex’s murder and works out it must have been Cameron. Debbie sits listening to the Dictaphone over and over again – she makes a decision to see Chas and insists that they need to talk. Will Chas believe Debbie and the Dictaphone when she takes it to her.

Meanwhile, with Cain desperate to help Moira as she continues to worry about losing her son and the farm, he approaches Charity and asks for a favour in need of cash and quick. Will Charity be able to resist the thrill of one night of danger back to their old scamming ways?

And Ali attempts to put Ruby off having a child but realises the baby issue is not going to go away. Later, Rachel gives Ali food for thought when she asks if she can seriously deny Ruby the opportunity to be a mum.