Karl is in for a shock this week when he hears that his daughter is coming to visit. He hasn’t seen her for a while and it takes a lot of coaxing from Susan to convince him that all will be well, in fact, she convinces him that this is great news.

Sure enough, Holly proves to be a cute little girl, a real angel at least when her daddy is around. Behind Karl’s back she is nothing short of spiteful to Susan but when Susan tries to explain this to Karl, he can’t and won’t believe it. He certainly is under Holly’s spell and Susan has a battle on her hands.

Meanwhile Amber finds herself, unwittingly, in the centre of a love triangle. First up, she’s in the middle of a date with Clay when Josh butts in, in a bid to win her back. Following last week's swimming drama, he has realised that he’s still in love with her and wants her back however he goes about it the wrong way.

Disgusted with Josh, she sets him on her way and continues on her date with Clay. The night ends with a romantic kiss, however everything unravels with Clay refusing to drop her home. Disgusted Amber gets out of the car but as he drives off, she soon discovers that she left her mobile in the car.

Alone in the dark, unable to call for help, Amber is really scared when she’s approached by a man. Her fear turns to delight when she realises that its Robbo and after a quick chat, it's clear that he has no idea what's been going on or that there’s a warrant out for his arrest. Still attracted to him, she decides to keep his return a secret from everyone, except Mason.

However when Mason and Robbo come face to face, it’s not long before the conversation becomes heated. Later in the week, Robbo tries to convince the Turners that he’s a changed man but they aren’t buying. Plus it takes some convincing from Matt to reassure Sonya that she has nothing to fear from Robbo when he learns that she is the chief witness against him in the upcoming trial.