This week Callum is really struggling with his guilt as he goes with Rachel to visit the victim of the car crash. Doug is really panicking about his court appearance, forcing Paul to act. He is absolutely petrified as he is called to the stand – understandably.

When the time comes, he is asked to enter a plea, he replies quietly but Callum shocks the courtroom when he makes a last minute admission…

His actions have major consequences for Doug and when questioned by Pete, Paul’s secret is in danger of being revealed.

Meanwhile a very sombre Leo sells Lana’s jewellery for Shannon and his mood doesn’t improve much when he discovers who has been stealing his customers from right under his nose.

Cass decides to prove that he has what it takes this week and he pulls out all the stops at his interview in the station however he finds Caoimhe to be a hard taskmaster.

He’s not the only one upping his game – Tommy goes to new lengths to keep his family close and gets Judith exactly where he wants her. He tries to drive a wedge between herself and Luke. He must be exhausted from all of his conniving!