Val quizzes Amy over her feelings for Andy and pushes her to take advantage of the moment. Doing just that, the pair end up in a passionate embrace. However, trouble comes knocking as Kerry arrives back in the village declaring she’s pregnant! Everyone is sceptical as Kerry goes to lengths to make sure people know she is pregnant, and Andy even insists she take a pregnancy test while he waits nearby. Everyone is shocked when it reads positive. Andy later tells her he wants her to terminate the pregnancy. With no one to turn to, Kerry is at rock bottom but Andy is also thrown when he sees Amy’s reaction to his treatment of her mother.

Debbie is shaken but resolves not to tell Cain about the incident – a relieved Robbie lets a sigh of relief! She leads Robbie on, making him think he needs to raise his game to intimidate her. Debbie thinks “Kirk” has done all he can to intimidate her and tells Robbie she doesn’t need a bodyguard. She agrees to let him stay over in the house so as not to be alone and he completely misreads the signs and tries it on with her. A swift put down ensues and it’s not long before Charity is told. It’s now up to Charity to decide what to do knowing all about Robbie’s betrayal.

Moira broaches the subject of Cain moving in with Adam. He’s sure Cain is only moving in as he’s hard up with Debbie and is using Moira as a hotel with benefits. When Moira heads off for a few days, Adam warns Cain to make himself scarce. Seeing a chance for deviousness, Adam bribes Natalie to pull Cain at an impromptu party, but Adam and Cain are soon brawling and have to be taken aside by Zak and talked sense to. Moira returns and realises what work this is going to be – but is floored when Adam gives her an ultimatum.

Elsewhere, Val is at her wits' end and between two minds about whether to do up the B&B or just sell up, cut the losses and high tail it to Portugal. But Pollard has a thing or two to say...