On Eastenders this week, Phil tells Shirley that his solicitor has managed to reduce his charge to manslaughter and he is pleading guilty. He explains that by copping a guilty plea could have his sentence reduced by half, but Shirley is not happy, especially when she sees a weal mark on his arm.

Ian is floored when Ben admits that the Phil and Stella stuff was a pack of lies. Heather corners Ben and tells him about Phil’s treatment in prison, reminding him that he’s still his dad, but Ben is sticking to his story. Later at the Beale’s, Ian is appalled over Ben’s confession and reminds him of the long term implications of his lies, telling him that he could end up back in prison.

Elsewhere, Tanya is fearful of her MRI scan, and as she prepares to enter the hospital she grinds to a halt as the enormity of the next step takes hold. When they finally make it to the hospital, Max and Tanya emerge from the consultant’s office with tears in their eyes. Tanya is unable to speak, leaving Max to confirm that the results were clear!

Meanwhile, Dot buys Heather her dream wedding dress, however things don’t go smoothly for Heather when her fiancé Andrew admits that 18 months ago he came out of prison after committing GBH. Heather is horrified as he recounts putting a man in intensive care, kicking herself for ever believing her fairy tale wedding would come true.

At Heather’s hen night at Dot’s house the women of the Square struggle to get into the spirit as they play pin the tail on the donkey. Still troubled by Andrew’s confession, Heather insists that she just wants a quiet night but after some probing is forced to admit to Shirley that she doesn’t think she can marry Andrew.