Dave O'Neill went the Fundit route for his debut album, with those who ponied up owing themselves a pat on the back for money well spent. And on the aptly-titled opening track Change in Your Pocket, O'Neill shows he has a knack for a good deal as the production puts many a big act to shame and makes his songs as road and radio-friendly as possible. 

Sounding like a restless soul, he opts for country singalong on Change...; tries out a stadium pop-rock chorus on Where's That Thing Called Love; offers a piano ballad with I Should Go Out and even gives bar-room blues a go on closer Shooting Star. There are no clangers, but you can't be everything to everyone, so the Carlow man now has some real thinking to do about where he's at his strongest. 

A tough decision to make when you've done a good job throughout, but a nice position to be in too. Harry Guerin