Close your eyes listening to Family of the Year's second album - a slow burner since 2012, now released in Ireland in a deluxe edition - and you can see J1ers being handed the download code at the airport. 

From daybreak right back to the wee small hours, the LA outfit have come up with a soundtrack - some songs are more star-dusted than others but, overall, there's no doubt about their crowd-pleasing powers. 

While the opening quadruple whammy of The Stairs, Diversity, St Croix and Buried are perfect for singalongs around or eyes across the campfire, ballad Hey Ma does miles-away, miss-you melancholy with aplomb and, like Hero, says FOTY have a good record in them for when the party's over. 

So their future really does look as bright as what many of their listeners will be staying up all night to catch.

Harry Guerin