Back in March, one of the world's greatest live venues (put it on the bucket list if it's not there already) played host to an outfit earning their stripes as one of the great live acts (put them on the list too). After watching this DVD of the show you'll think that the only thing missing on the night was yourself.

Plenty of bands can cut it in clubs but lose their way in coliseums; Foals' music is built for both with the Royal Albert Hall looking like a party for a couple of thousand close friends.

Managing to capture both the vast expanse of the pleasure dome and the up-close grit and grace of the quintet on stage, director Dave Ma will surely find himself taking calls from plenty of the arena elite who want him to film their big night. They could learn a thing or two from watching Foals creating a bond, building a set, going on a walkabout and delivering a great finale.

Even with the sound off, just looking at the happy faces of people jumping around will lift life's weights and get the endorphins doing their own slamdance. Don't feel silly for shouting 'more' at the telly at the end.

Harry Guerin