Skerries is a long way from Seattle, but when it comes to power balladry Liz Seaver and the polished, radio friendly alumni of the grunge era are near neighbours. Indeed, it's on these somewhat rockier, full-band tracks that she makes the biggest impression, with opener Inside Out, Can't Help Myself and Exposed so well-crafted that you could see many a big act dropping them almost ready-made onto their albums, all they'd need is some guitar solos to finish the job.

On Turbulence Bliss' softer songs Seaver doesn't do as much to distance herself from the singer-songwriter pack on either side of the Irish Sea, and the feeling that she's playing it safer musically than someone of her quality needs to is hard to shake.

A few collaborations with bands outside the comfort zone and allowing a lead guitarist to add some more turbulence would help her get to where she needs to be - she's halfway there already.

Harry Guerin