Capricious but cherished friend 'Guardo Camino' - aka a 1990 Aiwa Walkman with Megabass and merciless quality control - has been particularly impressed with Come on Live Long's debut, allowing 20 clean, clear and chew-free play throughs of the tape that has become the album's new home. This listener, meanwhile, is still trying to figure out the quintet's sound, and there'll be many more train rides, bus trips and long walks with Guardo providing the soundtrack before that will happen - if it does at all. Put simply, the Dublin outfit aren't exactly sure what kind of band they want to be, apart from a very good one.

Along with the beauty of the male-female duets and nods to 80s radio glory, there are twists and moments of bite to Everything Fall that make rewinding as joyous as it is necessary. While you can - and will - get lost in the rush of opener Wasteland and the luxury of Little Ones for days, this record does that rare thing of offering more rewards the further you travel down the tracklist, with the storytelling sequencing start-to-finish spot-on.

Now, as always, over to you to find your own magic. Come on listen long.

Harry Guerin