You can tell a lot about the courage of a band by who they decide to bring on tour with them. True to form, the mighty Clutch weren't taking the easy way out by choosing Scorpion Child as openers for their recent US jaunt. And in the studio the Texans show exactly the kind of hunger that a debut needs: not the finished article, but guys who play like they'll never get the chance to make another album.

While Scorpion Child share their moniker with a lyric from an Electric era Cult classic, the quintet are a grittier proposition, combining dirty blues rock with a dash of Eighties metal bluster and making sure there are as many opportunities to groove as headbang.

On penultimate track (official closer on the vinyl) Red Blood they also reveal their softer side, and it suits them - a Rain Song that makes you long for further downpours.
Harry Guerin