A graceful mix of Gram/Emmylou-like duets and some really lovely Memphis soul moments from Ed McGinley formerly of The Dixons

Following new albums from Revelino and Luggage personnel in the guise of Saturday Captions, a solo collection from Into Paradise’s Dave Long, and a second release from Engine Alley’s Brian Kenealy, the latest reinvention from Dublin’s fecund nineties' music scene comes from Ed McGinley, formerly of country rockers The Dixons. McGinley, abetted by the honey-voiced Lorraine McColgan, finds himself back in roots rock territory on Riches with a faultlessly played mix of graceful Gram/Emmylou duets and some really lovely Memphis soul excursions from McColgan. Ex-Dixons’ man Niall Toner jnr essays some sparkling Roger McGuinn-like arpeggios on The Rain is Falling Down Again and on Bring, McGinley's early Leonard Cohen impression is truly something to behold. A faithful cover of Dylan's Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues is nigh on perfect but the standout among many is possibly McColgan’s Nico-meets-Bobbie Gentry regret on the haunting title track – it really does sound like it was recorded at the fag-end of a sultry summer’s day in the Midwest in ’67. With a killer band including John Lalor on bass, multi-instrumentalist Les Keye, and guitar ace Ger Kiely, Riches is well-named indeed.

Alan Corr

Riches is available in independent record stores, at www.thewinters.bandcamp.com on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic, Deezer, MySpace Music, Rhapsody and Xbox Music.