It's the glow that keeps on glowing: discovering that a band toughed it out after a shrink in numbers (five Chapters became three between their first album and the recording of this one) and have returned in better shape than the last time you heard them. There's a lesson there that we can all adapt to our own lives, and songs here to get you from one side of whatever to the other. More than enough of them.

Now in thrall to a woozy Americana, The Chapters' adventures with goodwill, friends and borrowed gear on Blood Feels Warm pile on the hooks and surprises, another reminder of just how much Irish acts have upped their game as writers and players. Both delicate and rough around the edges, these songs are invitations to backtrack; three-quarters of an hour can become a whole Saturday night or Sunday morning which unfolds in its own sweet way.

Hopefully the story won't end here.

Harry Guerin