The downloading of Whethermachines was eerily preceded by a Friday night, post-gig conversation with an old friend about how much better Irish bands are these days comapred to the majority of the ones we stood, fidgeted and daydreamed through in Dublin pubs and clubs 20-plus years ago. Oh to have had Clockwork Noise at indie, metal and punk shows in McGonagle's, Charlie's, The Grattan and elsewhere way back when - time would've passed as quickly as it does here.

To borrow from the landlady in Bob's Country Bunker in The Blues Brothers, Clockwork Noise have both kinds of music, quiet and loud. They don't let themselves down on either.

Showcasing more muscle than expected, there are plenty of scraps between guitars and violin but bludgeon doesn't get the bragging rights over melody. Crucially, you can hear a better band to come, with closer The Tourist both the standout and compass.

Now to see them live.

Harry Guerin

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