The Food Guide to Love is a light-hearted romantic comedy about commitment-phobe food blogger, Oliver (Richard Coyle), who falls for the ever-feisty Spaniard, Bibiana (Leonor Watling). While its ingredients don't exactly blend well to make a brilliant dish, its storyline makes for some easy viewing - even if it's just to admire the contemporary Dublin back-drop.

Celebrity food writer Oliver's food and love-based column The Food Guide to Love has become extremely popular in Dublin, but he has a problem. The Irish lothario finds himself struggling with his own life as each of his relationships seem to fizzle out after six months. Enter Bibiana, a Spanish art curator and political activist, who tends to always fall for the wrong men.

The first time they meet, it’s so clichéd it’s actually kind of good – Oliver gets locked out of his ex-girlfriend’s apartment stark naked. The two leading actors pull it off however, with Coyle’s charm and vibrance and Watling’s quick-witted sense of humour.

The unlikely couple delve into an on-again-off-again romance, providing some funny moments and liveliness to the movie. But will Oliver's usual charms ruin his latest relationship?

Oliver is smartly presented as a Hugh Grant-esque character, endearingly clumsy at times but very charming, while his more down to earth friend, Simon (Simon Delaney), provides some much-needed authentic Irish humour in this Dominic Harari and Teresa Pelegri-directed movie. 

The Food Guide to Love definitely isn't a recipe for disaster but certain elements of the movie don't necessarily work. Mainly the ending. For what promised to be a fresh twist on the classic rom-com style film, its ending is what lets it down, being not as exciting as you would hope for. 

Nonetheless, this Irish-Spanish production clearly made the most of Dublin's tourist attractions, landmarks and restaurants, with a favourable romantic light being shone on the city.

Niamh Doherty