Mixing sci-fi, action, drama and even a small bit of innocent romance, Earth to Echo is reminiscent of the much-loved ET, but it's also modern and very much reflects young people and their use of social media in society today.

Like many a teenager before them, Alex (Halm), Tuck (Bradley) and Munch (Hartwig) feel they are nobodies. In a bid for popularity, they set out to discover why their phones are acting strangely and glowing in unusual neon colours - a hack, a defect or something else?

There's also a new construction company in the neighbourhood, with the boys having suspicions as to what exactly the employees are doing. When Tuck begins to post videos on YouTube he manages to find an audience for his investigations. And before long, he's also found a new friend - one who needs help. 

To reveal any more would be to spoil Earth to Echo, a very enjoyable family movie that celebrates friendship and helping those in need. 

Aisling Brady