While cheesy and soppy romantic movies are on the menu for most lovebirds this Valentine’s Day, Endless Love will have you wishing that your other half broke up with you over the Pick ‘n’ Mix counter to save you from entering the screening.

Based on a novel by Scott Spencer, which was later adapted into a movie of the same name featuring Brooke Shields, the updated movie follows the clichéd boy-meets-girl, who fall in love, but discover they are from different world’s formula (The Notebook, Romeo + Juliet, Titanic, Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, Dirty Dancing).

David (Pettyfer) has the wholesome American Abercrombie model look going on, so naturally he is attracted to leggy blonde Jade Butterfield, who looks like she walked out of an episode of Home and Away. With Jade following in the footsteps of her daddy (Greenwood) by going to medical school after graduation, David has a lot to live up to. Despite having a very impressive school GPA, David is content working for his widowed dad (Patrick) in the family’s mechanic business.

As Jade’s dad begins to dig into David’s past and uncover his shady secrets, things aren’t looking too bright for the star-crossed lovers - you can probably guess the rest!

While the two leads are strikingly attractive, they fall short when it comes to chemistry and passion making their ‘can’t live without each other’ charade lack credibility. To make matters worse, the pair who are playing High School teens, clearly look like they’re in their twenties. (Think Dawson’s Creek and you’ll get the picture).

There are some awfully contrived and cringy scenes that are sure to have you puking in your popcorn bucket – most notably – an irrelevant balcony scene, a daredevil car moment, an intimate fire scene and the typical long-gaze over a dropped text book scenario. Is it any wonder that the characters are forgettable?

Robert Patrick just about saves the day as the over-protective and strict father, while Dayo Okeniyi injects some welcome relief as David’s best pal Mace.

The soundtrack makes up for the lacklustre script with Florence + The Machine’s Addicted to Love track being the only highlight of the 103 minutes running time.

Endless love may make tweens swoon, but it’s guaranteed to leave older audiences feeling heartbroken.

Laura Delaney