It’s four years since we were introduced to whacky inventor Flint Lockwood & his bunch of misfit friends in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and the gang are now back in this not unexpected sequel which is colourful, engaging and food pun-tastic.

Okay so we know what we are getting this time round and it may lack some of the surprise of the first film but it lots to like here.

Last time out man invents food simulator machine which goes into hyperdrive and essentially makes his home island of Swallow Falls uninhabitable. Despite this somehow the film had a happy ending.

This time round, man gets to work for his childhood idol, fellow inventor Chester V, is sent on a mission back to Swallow Falls to turn off his machine and along the way learns of the importance of his family and friends.

There are plenty of messages bubbling under the surface here - city living versus smaller communities, the influence of idols over parents, the ruthlessness of the corporate world and oh yeah never judge a giant cheeseburger by its looks.

I hope the writers here were paid by the pun because there really is no let up as things move at breakneck speed in Swallow Falls. The youngsters in the audience will also be thrilled at the fabulous food mash-ups (or Foodimals – their word not mine) with Shrimpanzees, Peanut Butter and Jellyfish, Hippotatos and Watermelophants all featuring.

It’s fast & fun with plenty here for the kids, if less for the adults who might be better employed while watching trying to figure out how to get their kids to eat vegetables rather than talk to them.

Bree Treacy