Harry Guerin talks to director Edgar Wright and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost about their sci-fi pub crawl.

How apt. Three men who have found a worldwide fanbase with the kind of movies you'd watch before or after going for 12 pints have now made one in which the characters are on a mission to down a dozen. Each.

But while The World's End has plenty in common with Mess(e)rs Wright, Pegg and Frost's previous outings Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, there's also enough of an edge to this sci-fi pub crawl to make you wonder what the director and his leading men could work on in the future. They're never far away from a good laugh here, but you can see them inching towards a drama for grown-ups, too.

Pegg plays the no-hoper who gets his old school pals back together to complete their hometown's Golden Mile – but much has changed since they've been away.

This genre mash-up takes in social sci-fi, John Carpenter, broken Action Men, The Warriors, Blockbusters, fence mishaps and much more and serves up the one-liners quicker than our heroes can down their drinks.

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