If you thought the recently released Scary Movie V was the muck you find at the bottom of the horror movie spoof barrel, then A Haunted House, is the toxic waste gas that the muck emits.

Marlon Waynes stars as Malcolm, whose girlfriend Kisha (Essense Atkins) has just moved in with him. As they adapt to living together as a couple, they soon find out they are not the only people living in their dream house. But it’s not the house that is haunted; Kisha is possessed by a demon. Malcom resorts to hiring everyone from a priest to ghostbusters to try and rid his girlfriend and home of the unwelcome intruder. Under no circumstances is a supernatural being going to ruin his relationship, and more importantly his sex life.

A Haunted House is a lazy, humorless, woeful send-up of the Paranormal Activity Franchise – which themselves are cringe inducing movies, so it was off to a bad start before it even began.

Ten minutes in, and A Haunted House has exhausted every possible gag there is from filming the movie on a handheld camera, furniture and things that go bump in the night. After that, there is nothing more to this film, except groan after groan and a constant wish for it to be over.

I’m sorry to say that the acting is bad, the production values non-existent and even if you find a DVD copy in a bargain bucket for 20 cent, it is not worth buying.

Suzanne Byrne

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