Cinema Listings.

Vue Liffey Valley

19 August - 25 August

Title Times

Alice Through The Looking Glass


Asterix: Mansion Of The Gods

13:50Th, 9:50Th

Bad Moms


Blinky Bill The Movie

09:20Sa, 09:35MW, 09:40Su, 09:55F, 10:05Tu, 11:10SuTh, 11:40Tu, 12:15F, 12:35Sa, 13:50M, 14:40WTh

David Brent: Life On The Road

11:25Th, 13:40Th, 15:45Th, 16:55Th, 18:20Th, 20:00Th, 20:40Th, 21:35Th, 9:40Th

Finding Dory

11:20Th, 12:20Th, 13:35Th, 14:20Th, 14:55Th, 16:05Th, 17:05Th, 17:40Th, 18:30Th, 20:25Th, 9:55Th

Ice Age: Collision Course


Jason Bourne

17:35Th, 20:05Th, 21:05Th

Lights Out

11:00Th, 13:00Th, 16:10Th, 18:55Th, 21:00Th

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

20:30Th, 21:45Th


10:25Su, 11:00W, 12:05F, 12:10Th, 13:30SuTuW, 13:45Sa, 14:30F, 15:05Th, 15:10W, 15:55Sa, 16:05TuTh, 16:30F, 17:30Sa, 17:35M, 17:45Tu, 17:50W, 17:55Su, 19:00F, 21:40Th, 21:50TuW, 21:55M

Nine Lives

09:30W, 09:40Tu, 12:25Th, 12:35Tu, 13:10W, 13:55Th, 14:50W, 15:25Tu, 15:35Th, 17:15W, 17:30Th, 17:35Tu, 19:00Th, 19:20W, 21:50Tu

Pete's Dragon

10:50Th, 12:35Th, 15:10Th, 18:10Th, 20:10Th

Star Trek Beyond

16:20Th, 19:00Th

Suicide Squad

09:35Th, 10:40Tu, 12:20Tu, 12:30Th, 13:40Tu, 15:55M, 16:20Tu, 16:40Tu, 17:20Th, 17:30M, 17:40M, 19:20Th, 20:10Tu, 20:50Th, 21:00Tu, 21:10M, 22:15M

Swallows and Amazons

10:35Th, 13:10Th, 14:50Th, 16:30Th, 19:15Th


14:05Th, 15:20Th, 17:20Th

The Secret Life Of Pets

10:00Th, 11:35Th, 13:25Th

The Shallows

12:05Th, 19:20Th