Cinema Listings.

Movie House, Dublin Rd

22 July - 28 July

Title Times

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

12:30M-Th, 14:45M-Th, 17:00M-Th, 19:15M-Th, 21:40MTu

Central Intelligence



13:15M-Th, 16:00M-Th, 18:45M-Th, 21:30M-Th

Ghostbusters 3D

11:30M-Th, 14:30M-Th, 17:45M-Th, 20:30M-Th

Ice Age: Collision Course

11:45MTu, 13:30WTh, 14:00MTu, 16:15MTu

Jason Bourne

15:45WTh, 18:30WTh, 21:15WTh

Now You See Me 2

18:30MTu, 21:15M-Th

Star Trek Beyond

13:00M-Th, 15:45M-Th, 18:30M-Th, 21:15M-Th

Star Trek Beyond 3D

12:00M-Th, 14:45M-Th, 17:30M-Th, 20:15M-Th


10:45M-Th, 13:15M-Th, 16:00M-Th, 18:45M-Th, 21:30M-Th

The BFG 3D

12:15M-Th, 15:00M-Th, 17:45M-Th, 20:30M-Th

The Legend of Tarzan

11:15M-Th, 13:45M-Th, 16:30M-Th, 19:00M-Th, 21:30M-Th

The Secret Life Of Pets

12:30M-Th, 14:45M-Th, 17:00M-Th, 19:15M-Th