Cinema Listings.

Movie House, City Side

17 March - 23 March

  • Title
  • Beauty And The Beast
    12:45Th, 14:45Th, 15:45Th, 17:45Th, 18:45Th, 20:45Th, 21:40Th
  • Beauty And The Beast 3D
    13:45Th, 16:45Th, 19:45Th
  • Fist Fight
    19:10Th, 21:20Th
  • Get Out
    14:00Th, 16:30Th, 17:30Th, 19:00Th, 20:15Th, 21:30Th
  • Hacksaw Ridge
  • Hidden Figures
    15:30Th, 18:15Th, 20:55Th
  • Kong: Skull Island
    12:30Th, 13:30Th, 15:30Th, 16:30Th, 18:30Th, 19:30Th, 21:10Th
  • Kong: Skull Island 3D
    14:30Th, 17:30Th, 20:30Th
  • Lion
    12:45Th, 15:30Th, 18:15Th
  • Logan
    13:15Th, 14:15Th, 16:45Th, 17:15Th, 18:30Th, 20:00Th, 20:30Th, 21:20Th
  • The Lego Batman Movie
    13:30Th, 16:10Th
  • The Time Of Their Lives
    12:45Th, 15:00Th
  • Viceroy's House
    13:15Th, 16:00Th