Cinema Listings.

IMC Dundalk

23 September - 29 September

Title Times

Blair Witch

17:00M-W, 19:05M-W, 21:20M-W

Bridget Jones's Baby

14:30M-W, 15:30M-Th, 16:20M-Th, 18:15M-Th, 18:40M-Th, 21:00M-Th

Dare To Be Wild

14:20M-Th, 16:35M-Th, 18:45M-Th, 20:55M-Th

Deepwater Horizon

14:10Th, 16:30Th, 18:50Th, 21:15Th

The Girl With All The Gifts

15:40M-Th, 18:15M-Th, 20:50M-Th

The Magnificent Seven

14:45M-Th, 17:45M-Th, 20:45M-Th

The Siege Of Jadotville

14:10M-Th, 18:55M-Th, 21:20M-Th

The Young Offenders

14:30M-Th, 16:40M-Th, 21:15M-Th