Cinema Listings.

Cineworld Dublin

30 September - 06 October

Title Times

Blair Witch

13:40MTu, 14:45W, 16:40SS, 18:30SSTu, 21:15Th

Bridget Jones's Baby

12:10nF, 14:00Sa-Tu, 15:00nF, 16:50Sa-Tu, 17:50nF, 19:40Sa-W, 20:40nF

Dare To Be Wild

11:50WTh, 12:20Su, 12:50SaMTu

Deepwater Horizon

10:30M-Th, 11:40nF, 13:00nF, 14:20nF, 15:40nF, 17:00nF, 18:20nF, 19:40nF, 20:50WTh, 21:00Sa-Tu, 22:15Sa

Deepwater Horizon IMAX

12:20nF, 15:00nF, 17:40nF, 20:20nF

Don't Breathe

11:50W, 19:00Th, 21:30Sa-Tu

Finding Dory

11:10SS, 16:20MTu

Free State Of Jones

10:50nF, 14:00nF, 17:10nF, 20:30nF

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


Hell or High Water

16:30WTh, 20:50SSTu, 21:30M

L.O.R.D. - Legend of Ravaging Dynasties 3D

11:50Sa, 12:10Su-Th, 14:30Sa, 14:50Su-Th, 17:10Sa, 17:30Su-Th, 19:50Sa, 20:10Su-Th

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

12:00Su-Th, 12:10Sa, 16:00Su-Th, 16:15Sa, 20:10Su-Th, 20:20Sa

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

11:45nF, 12:00WTh, 12:30Sa-Tu, 14:45nF, 15:00WTh, 15:30Sa-Tu, 17:45nF, 18:00WTh, 18:30Sa-Tu, 20:45nF

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children 3D

10:45nF, 13:45nF, 16:45nF, 19:45nF

Oasis: Supersonic


Pete's Dragon Autism Friendly


Southside With You

10:20SS, 11:10MTu, 14:15WTh, 19:00nF, 21:10Sa-Tu

The Girl on the Train

11:00WTh, 12:50WTh, 13:40WTh, 14:30WTh, 15:30WTh, 16:20WTh, 17:20WTh, 18:10WTh, 19:00WTh, 20:00WTh, 20:50WTh, 21:30WTh

The Girl With All The Gifts

12:10Sa-Tu, 14:40W, 14:50Sa-Tu, 17:20W, 17:30Sa-Tu, 20:15Sa-Tu, 21:10WTh, 22:30Sa

The Infiltrator

11:15Sa-Tu, 14:10Sa-Tu, 17:15Sa-Tu, 20:15Sa-Tu, 21:00WTh, 22:30Sa

The Magnificent Seven

11:30Su, 12:00SaM-Th, 14:30Su, 15:00SaM-Th, 17:40Su, 18:00SaM-Th, 20:00SaM-W, 20:50Su, 21:00SaM-Th, 22:30Sa

The Young Offenders

11:45MTu, 17:10Su, 17:40SaMTu

War on Everyone

12:20Th, 14:45Th, 17:15Th, 20:10Th