Mrs Brown D’Exhibition runs at the Little Museum of Dublin from Monday June 16 and tells the story of Agnes Brown, a typical Dublin mammy who happens to have millions of fans around the world.

In the exhibition, Brendan O'Carroll, who plays Agnes Brown in the popular TV series Mrs Brown's Boys, reveals the unlikely roots of his popular creation in the War of Independence, and the traders of Moore Street.

“Our goal was to engage people who have never even heard of Mrs Brown,” says exhibition curator Kimberley Foy. “That’s why there’s so much focus on Brendan’s parents, whose stories reveal much about Dublin in the middle of the last century. We wanted to make a chapter of social history as well as a backstage tour.” 

Produced with assistance from Brendan O’Carroll and Universal Pictures International Ireland, Mrs Brown D’Exhibition opens on June 16, eleven days before the opening of Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie on June 27. The exhibition continues until July 20.

The award-winning Little Museum of Dublin is located in a Georgian townhouse at 15, St. Stephen’s Green. The permanent collection charts the social, cultural and political history of Dublin in the 20th Century. The entire collection was created by public donation and the museum is a registered charity.

Described by writer and actor Brendan O'Carroll as "a heart-warming story about an Irish mammy who goes up against politicians, bankers, the Russian mafia, and that's just for starters", Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie is a big screen spin-off of the BAFTA-winning television series.

Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie opens in cinemas across the Ireland and the UK on June 27.