Last night's Fair City episode ended with Tommy toting a gun and tonight someone gets shot – but who will the victim be and will they survive?

Warning! Spolier Alert!

After months of stalking his ex-wife Judith (Catherine Byrne), Tommy (Geoff Minogue) reached breaking point in last night's Fair City episode and is holding her captive at gun point.

Speaking about the dramatic scenes Geoff Minogue said: “Tommy is pushed to the brink this week. After weeks of tormenting Judith in an attempt to win her back, it all comes to a head when he decides to take matters into his own hands and make her see sense once and for all.

"In Tommy’s mind he wants to go back to a time, before Carrigstown, when he and Judith were happy in Kilkenny.   Tommy’s not a bad guy, he is a man on the verge of a mental breakdown, he is seriously unwell and needs professional help and as far as he is concerned he is just doing what is necessary to put his family back together.”   

In tonight's episode Judith's current beau Bob (Bryan Murray) lets himself into her flat and is shocked to see the scene infront of him.

Meanwhile Jane (Rachael Pilkington) discovers Tommy's shrine to Judith and the camera he has set up. On the screen she is horrified at what is happening in the flat and immediately call the police.

As reinforcements arrive Bob makes a grab for the gun, the two men struggle and shots ring out – someone is injured, but you will have to tune in tonight to see what happens.

Fair City, RTÉ One, 8.00pm