Killian Scott, who plays Tommy in Love/Hate has said that it was a privilege to work with the Calvary ensemble cast.

Speaking to RTÉ TEN, he said: "To have scenes with Brendan [Gleeson], Aidan [Gillen], Pat Shortt, Kelly [Reilly] and Chris [O'Dowd] just be in the vicinity of those people for me as an actor was a huge learning experience."

He added: "I think to do a film of this nature with the cast it has, and with the script it had, at any stage of your career is a privilege but particularly at the point when I got cast in it, it's just at a time when it's a real honour to be able to work with actors of that calibre and with writing of that calibre."

The actor also praised director John Michael McDonagh's script: "It's hard to say what appealed to me about the character of Milo and not talk about the script. 

"I found it fascinating and it was the most complete script that I'd ever read in the sense that almost all the times you get a script you get subsequent drafts of it later on. Calvary was the first thing that I came across that when it arrived to me, I was like 'This is just perfect'.

The Sandymount-born actor continued: "You have an immediate reaction to a piece of writing and you've got an instinctive response and then you have a few weeks where you build on that and you find its voice and its movements. 

"But I felt, by virtue of the actors that I was opposite and the quality of the writing that if I just arrive and know my lines that the other actors are so good that they'd draw those performances from you. I thought 'I don't need to do anything. These guys are so good that I'll just react to them!'"

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