RTÉ 2fm has announced its new night-time schedule, with Game On at 7pm, Louise McSharry at 8pm and Chris Greene and Ciara King from 10pm and Dave Fanning will move to weekends.

Greene and King's Bottom of the Barrel is described as "a new departure for night-time 2fm", which will see the duo "offering a wry, sideways look at the world".

They said: "We are delighted to have gotten a chance to present the most coveted slot in radio where no-one is listening!

"On a serious note, we're really looking forward to pushing the boundaries, causing trouble and not taking ourselves too seriously. Hopefully we'll last more than eight months in RTÉ!"

The Louise McSharry Show promises "great talk and great music along with the topics people are talking about across Ireland on social media and beyond".

McSharry said: "I'm delighted to have the opportunity to join the weekday schedule and I am really excited about getting the chance to talk about the things that have Irish people buzzing."

Hegarty said of his new 1am start time: "If anyone is left standing after Chris and Ciara, I'm gonna pummel their ears with three hours of great music. I'm thrilled to be part of the new schedule as 2fm evolves."

At the weekend, Dave Fanning will present Fanning on 2fm on Saturday and Sundays from 10am to 12pm.

Fanning said: "I've loved every minute of my 2fm Saturday morning talk show and I'm delighted that I've got another chance to do it all again on Sundays.

"It will afford me more time to squeeze in more great music, more movie reviews and more big interviews with the biggest names in town."

Head of 2fm, Dan Healy, said: "Bringing Louise McSharry, Chris and Ciara to the weekday schedule is a new departure for the station and sees a real articulation of where we're driving content right to the edge!

"These two night-time programmes will be all about fast paced, high octane content that pushes boundaries and captures the buzz of the now across radio, social media and, more importantly, the lives of our listeners.

"Dave Fanning has been with 2fm since day one. He's an icon in his own right with utter credibility across all demographics. Crucially, Dave resonates with the 20-44 target audience for the station and his two weekend programmes will really allow him to build on this connection with listeners."

2fm Schedule Announced to Date:

7am-9am Breakfast Republic presented by Jennifer Maguire, Keith Walsh and Bernard O'Shea - begins Monday February 17

9am-11am Tubridy

11am-2pm The Nicky Byrne Show

2pm-4.30pm The Rick O'Shea Show

4.30pm-7pm Drive By with Colm Hayes

7pm-8pm Game On

8pm-10pm The Louise McSharry Show

10pm-1am Bottom of the Barrel with Chris and Ciara

1am-4am Dan Hegarty - The Alternative (Mon-Thu)

Breakfast TBA

10am-12pm Fanning on 2fm

12pm-2pm Weekends with Larry Gogan

2pm-5pm Weekenders with Ruth & Paddy

5pm-7pm The Will Leahy Show

From 7pm TBA